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The Co-Op Local Community Fund

The Local Community Fund supports projects in Co-op members’ communities that help to create Sustainable Futures for People and our Planet.

Since 2016, they’ve supported nearly 40,000 local causes and now they’re looking for new projects for members to support. In their next funding round, which starts in October 2024, they’ll be supporting communities across the UK with a total of £5m. This means there’ll be £6,000 to share between three local causes in each community.

You can apply if you're a not-for-profit group that needs funding to deliver a specific project that benefits your local community. Only one application per group will be accepted.

If the funding application is successful, they'll work in partnership with you for 12 months and your cause will receive funding in November 2025.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on 7 July 2024.

You can apply if your project supports People or our Planet in the following ways.


The Co-Op are looking for projects that enable people to play a part in their community’s future by:

  • Supporting young people to fulfil their potential

  • Helping older people feel connected

  • Improving people’s mental wellbeing


They’re also looking for projects that help to protect our planet by:

  • Tackling climate change

  • Reducing waste and resource use

  • Protecting nature

Across both People and Planet themes they’re keen to support projects that promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Your project must also:

  • take place in the UK or Isle of Man

  • take place or still be running after November 2025

To apply, your group must:

  • be registered or based in the UK

  • have its own bank account

  • deliver activity in your local community

  • be not-for-profit

You must also provide a Co-op membership number for one of the people making this application (non-members can join online or via the Co-op App).

Groups that can apply include:
  • Churches or Chapels that are excepted charities (that means they do not need to register with the Charities Commission)

  • Co-operative Societies

  • Community Benefit Societies

  • Community Interest Companies

  • Credit Unions

  • Registered Charities in the UK or Isle of Man

  • Social Enterprises

  • Scout, Guide or Woodcraft Folk groups

  • Any other group that can prove that they are not-for-profit

The Co-Op cannot fund projects that:

  • support individuals

  • support people or projects overseas

  • promote any political activities or religious beliefs - but we can consider projects led by religious groups that are for the benefit of the whole community

  • use all of the funds to cover staff salaries and running costs

  • give the funding to other people or groups

  • are the responsibility of Local Authorities

  • could, in our opinion, harm the reputation of Co-op

How much funding is available in your community?

£6,000 is available in every community and the funding will be shared between three local causes. The amount your project receives will be based on the number of Co-op members that choose your cause. Every cause will receive a minimum of £1,000.

You can find more information here.


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