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See how Voluntary Action South West Surrey is governed and what we have

achieved in recent history.

Annual Report

    2022 - 2023

We are proud to present our latest annual report, highlighting the work of the organisation, alongside our annual finances, from the period of April 2022 and March 2023.


Chair of the Board's Report 

As we reflect upon the past year, the impact of Covid on the VCFSE sector is still unfolding. What remains unequivocally clear is the invaluable role our sector plays in local health and care partnerships. We've ventured beyond our traditional boundaries, connecting with new communities, building trust, and forging enduring relationships, which contribute to the cohesion and social fabric of our communities.


Amidst the perennial challenge of funding, we've confronted other hurdles. Adapting to the evolving landscape of system architecture and working dynamics, we've vigilantly identified potential community gaps and promising business opportunities. This year we have still been in the foothills of our recovery phase, post pandemic, but our experiences have created a more flexible and resilient organisation going forward.


Our enhanced collaboration with health and care partners, as well as our role in local policy and delivery planning, including social prescribing services, empowers us to address local challenges together. Our primary mission is to support our local residents, and any funding constraints directly affect our broader contributions. We aim to influence local policies, always mindful of our symbiotic relationship with statutory partners.


The past year has brought stability to our operations, and we extend our gratitude to our joint chief executives, senior management team, and all our dedicated staff and volunteers. At the board level, we recognise the need to better mirror our diverse community, which will be a focal point in the year ahead. Together, we continue to evolve and strengthen our collective impact, realising the depth of our interdependence

- Ian Handy, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Annual Report 2022/2023 Cover


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Privacy Notice

At Voluntary Action South West Surrey, we recognise that correct data handling is key to building trust with our clients and partners. We take our data protection responsibilities seriously and recognise that providing privacy information is one of the key requirements of the UK GDPR. Our privacy notice lets individuals know what is happening with their data. We hope it gives reassurance that we’ve thought about how it will be kept safe, whether it is shared with anyone else and what happens with it when it is no longer needed.

Data protection is everyone’s responsibility, so every organisation – however small – needs a privacy notice when processing people’s data. A privacy notice is sometimes known as ‘fair processing information’, ‘privacy information’, or a ‘privacy policy’. All of these terms refer to information about why we require personal data, what we plan to do with it, how long we’re going to keep it, and if we’ll share it with anyone else.

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