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Our Networks

As part of our infrastructure commitment to ensure that third sector organisations have voice and influence in our community, and to make sure that their views are reflected in decision making, VASWS facilitates and maintains a range of networks which provide a platform for organisations to connect and be heard.

Working at home

We want to be able to keep our brilliant sector connected, and our regular networking events enable people working across Guildford and Waverley to get together to share their updates and information. They are an opportunity to find out what is happening locally and are open to everyone working across all sectors.

These events are a perfect opportunity to share the work that the organisations in the sector do, connect with a variety of other organisations and talk about any concerns or challenges that your organisation or similar groups might be facing. Each network is held three times a year and people are welcome to join any that are relevant to them. Minutes are circulated after each meeting, so if anyone is unable to attend a particular meeting, they will still receive the updates.


Alongside our network meetings, we compile fortnightly e-newsletters of sector-relevant local information, for distribution to all networks and contacts, to keep everyone in the loop with sector and service updates.

Join us at one of our networks!

Network Map

You can find below the variety of different forums and networks where people working in the same field can get together and share information. Meetings are open to all voluntary, community, faith, social enterprise and statutory organisations with an interest in the relevant topic. The network meetings take place virtually on Microsoft Teams.


Alongside our community specific network meetings, we also run a Mental Health Forum for anyone who works for an organisation with a connection to mental health, whether that’s directly, or through tackling isolation, age-related mental health or disability. In between meetings any relevant information and updates are shared with all members registered with the networks.

Visit our Events page for more details of the dates of these networking events,
or contact us for any information or queries regarding the networks.

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