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Through our Volunteer Connections project, we aim to increase the level of volunteering amongst small charities and voluntary organisations in South West Surrey to enable them to deliver their services more effectively.



We will provide one-to-one support to groups particularly short of volunteers, and needing training to use digital platforms to promote an organisation’s volunteering opportunities.


Our regular volunteer forums will connect volunteer coordinators who normally work in isolation, whilst training opportunities will aid recruitment and supervision of volunteers.​


We aim to support organisation's in putting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies into action to increase diversity in volunteering, which is not accessible to some minority groups.


Our volunteer coordinators will provide targeted outreach to encourage volunteering in underrepresented groups, for example refugees and younger people.


Volunteer Connections is run by Voluntary Action South West Surrey, which is the Council for Voluntary Service for Guildford and Waverley. Our membership, made up of voluntary and community groups, is in excess of 600 organisations. We run a Volunteer Centre which provides a volunteer recruitment service to over 400 organisations, as well as residents in Guildford and Waverley who can find out about volunteering roles and about the services provided by the voluntary sector.

Having an overview of the voluntary activity in our area means we can see where the gaps are and can help identify where groups could work together. Because we work with voluntary organisations, local authorities, local health services and individuals, and because we have run community projects and facilitated others in setting up new community groups, we are in a unique position of having experience of what services local people need, what is already being provided and where the gaps are. Our experience of working with individuals and supporting them into volunteering gives us an understanding of how to help groups become more effective with their volunteer recruitment.

Our Volunteer Connections Volunteer Coordinators will be responsible for the running of the service day-to-day, and are keen to engage with organisation and individuals that are interested in the service.

Our Volunteer Coordinators

Alice Sheppard

Alice Sheppard

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Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Helena Routledge

Helena Routledge

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Voluntary groups are invaluable to our communities

Our local voluntary groups provide vital services for a wide range of people: elderly, people with disabilities, struggling families, people with long term health conditions (mental & physical), people suffering social isolation.

Provision includes lunch clubs, advice services, food banks, peer support, community transport, befriending, social groups, walks for health, arts and environmental groups, etc. These groups are increasingly called upon to fill the gaps left by diminishing public services at a time when the cost-of-living crisis has increased demand; the existence of a strong voluntary and community sector promotes community cohesion, improves the places people live and are a vital element of civic life, everybody benefits when they thrive.

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Our newest project has already produced some exciting moments, with great events, networks and meetings happening on a regular basis.


If you would like to see what we have been doing, browse our highlights page. If you would like to see what we have coming up, view our events page.


What Clients Say

"Thank you for having me [at the Volunteer Connector's Network], it was great to meet everyone and chat about the fantastic work we are all doing and volunteers."
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